June 14, 2024

Bot Epidemic in Crypto Marketing

Bots plaguing crypto projects social media feeds and communities. It's like a scene from a sci-fi thriller, but instead of robots hunting humans, they're hunting our attention and our wallets. It's like a scene from a sci-fi thriller, but instead of robots hunting humans, they're hunting our attention and FOMO.

100K Followers? More Like 3K and a Swarm of Bots

Seriously, have you seen those projects boasting hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers? Don't be fooled. Often, a measly 2-3k of those are actual humans, while the rest are bots, artificially inflating the numbers and creating an illusion of popularity. It's a classic tactic to lure you in with the promise of a bustling community, only to leave you surrounded by mindless bots spouting programmed hype.

The Rise of Bot Farms

But it gets even weirder. It's not just projects themselves deploying bot armies. Nowadays, even everyday users are getting in on the action, creating their own bot farms to farm billions & trillions points or pushing pump and dump schemes. It's like a decentralized network of cheating, making it harder than ever to distinguish the genuine from fake.

Why All the Bot?

The motive is simple: profit. Whether it's projects looking to pump their bags or individuals trying to make a quick money, bot farms are the most popular weapon. They create artificial hype, manipulate market sentiment, and prey on our FOMO. It's a shady business, but it's thriving in the unregulated corners of the crypto world.

Call to Crypto Bros

But we don't have to be victims. We, the crypto community, have the power to fight back. We can start by being more critical of the hype, doing our own research, and supporting projects with real use-cases and value for the future. Let's expose the bot farms, call out the manipulators, and demand transparency from everything.

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